Use Cases

Seal Validation for Notaries
Vaultie’s digital notary service uses a zero-knowledge proof to generate a digital seal that is applied to a document. This seal includes a QR code that allows the verifier to confirm the notary's credentials, the holder's credentials, and that the document has not been altered. This trust building process is an extension of the biometric process, with the notary verifying their status and being issued a notary credential. The user can then apply their notary to the document by taking a selfie and using the notary seal in the same way as a signature.
Fraud Prevention for Insurance Companies
Our solution enables collaboration among insurers to prevent fraud while maintaining data privacy. Using zero-knowledge proofs and a cryptographic key, insurers can check broad information without revealing specific data. The privacy-focused list updates in seconds and removes users after a set period or if exonerated.
Prescription Fraud Prevention Potential
To prevent drug procurement fraud, three credentials are created for the physician, patient, and regulatory body. The physician receives a credential from the regulatory body and signs the prescription with it. The patient verifies their identity and attaches their credential to the prescription, which is verified by a pharmacist using a QR code and the user's photo stored in the credential.
Loan Traffic for Financial Institutions
Financial institutions can use Vaultie to create loan traffic by streamlining the loan application process with quick and secure verification of customer information. Our verifiable credentials solution offers improved data security and regulatory compliance, while reducing the risk of fraud.