Privacy 101

It's your privacy, you should be in control
Personal information serves as a unique identifier for each one of us. It's made up of a range of data including your identity, name and date of birth all the way to your personal preferences, like your favourite restaurant.
How Vaultie keeps you safe
We encrypt data at rest and in transit, and ensure that unauthorized individuals cannot access or tamper with your sensitive information. Vaultie provides user authentication and access controls, enabling your organizations to manage document permissions effectively and prevent unauthorized modifications.
Your personal information is yours
We empower our users to selectively share their verified personal information with who they choose to, in a secure and controlled way, ensuring the recipients of this information can trust its authenticity.
We give you full control of your personal information, effectively preventing the unwanted sharing or misuse of your data.
Your data is a personal asset. We store it securely and allow you to share it consciously to protect your privacy, and to respect your rights in an increasingly digital world.